Let me show you in this 2.5 hour, Free Workshop

how to create a flow of leads each day for your business by creating a simple Facebook Marketing Plan that gets your business in front of targeted traffic who live in New Zealand and how to bring this targeted traffic to you.

Workshop Details:


Sell More with Facebook

When you know how to get in front of your perfect customers for your business, your sales will go up. And those customers who you are looking for are on Facebook right now.


Using Just a Few Simple Strategies and Facebook Ads

you have the power to get your message in front of the people most likely to like you, trust you and buy from you – the best part Facebook is so affordable that every small business in New Zealand can take their business to a different level. Even better the steps that I shall walk you through can be done by anyone, you don’t need a web agency or be a tech whiz.

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Facebook:

  • You already know Facebook is the Largest Social Network with over 800 million members. Your customers are using it! whether you like it or not
  • Every day Facebook users comment or press the “Like” button more than 2 billion times.
  • The average New Zealander on Facebook has atleast 146 Facebook friends

Here’s what you will learn in this 2.5hr Free Workshop:

  • Fundamentals behind every successful online campaign that works for the NZ market and what you must do.
  • The key steps you need to implement, to create a highly Interactive Facebook page. All this can be done by yourself, you don’t need to be a tech whiz
  • Easy strategies that are working right now on Facebook to help you quickly attract your first 1,000 fans in New Zealand.
  • How to move your Facebook fans directly to your website and keep in touch with them with your offers and why they should consider you.
  • How to use your Facebook page to attract loyal customers and get introduced to their friends in a completely friendly atmosphere

Just Imagine, what all those visitors, leads and customers will do for your business.

 Who am I?

My name is Zuricka.

You and me are alike. We’re both trying to make a life by doing the things we love.

Which means neither of us can avoid the one dreaded word… self-promotion. As a small business owner, I bet you know first-hand how stressful marketing yourself and your business can be. You hire people but they may not have the same passion or have the same vision like you and what ends up happening is that we get so immersed in running the day to day operations that marketing goes on the back burner. Sometimes we have the right people on board but we may not train them to have clear goals of what needs to be achieved on a weekly basis and this is a cycle we all face time and time again.

Well, not anymore. I create dead-simple educational tools that will get you more leads and more sales—for less stress and zero drama. Take advantage of my 12 years as a Web Business Analyst who has worked in the web space for some of the largest names in New Zealand delivering actionable results to improve their business across a wide range of industries?

I have worked with mega brands like New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Sovereign Insurance, Telecom, House of Travel, Kordia, CourierPost, Avis Budget Group, etc along with learning from the likes of Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, Internet Marketing Gurus such as Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Eben Pagen and Jeff Walker. I shall give you my best with the time we have together so that you can take your business to the next level.
I currently consult with entrepreneurs, and large businesses on their social media strategy so no there is no catch to this workshop. It's pure laser focused facebook marketing strategies for a small business to break free of this feast and famine mentality.

change your lead flow and the way you market your business online cost effectively